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Cartomancy is an online university that provides courses in cartomancy. It was founded by professional card readers. It's their profession! Reading cards is a skill, an ancient craft. The study and skill of traditional card reading is centuries old. It has been handed down from generation to generation. Working with authentic decks such as the Tarot, the Petit Lenormand, Kipper Cards, Gypsy Cards, and even "ordinary" playing cards requires knowledge, skill, and a strong intuition.

In recent years, a totally new card reading movement has emerged alongside the traditional one. This new trend is in line with our fast paced society. Angel Cards by Doreen Virtue are a perfect example of this: you draw one or a few cards from the deck and get messages that are already written on the cards. This system actually works like a fortune cookie. All you need to master is the skill of reading. This technique is accessible, fast, and therefore appropriate if what you want is a short, quick, and superficial message. Read More

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